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Knowledge is power. A reality that Mona believes in wholeheartedly and endeavors to spark simply. Believing that communication is key to positive change for the future, and with young minds set to rule that future, Mona saw an absence of legal literacy resources of her generation – or at least resources that could keep the interest of her peers. This set the road for her launching of the LegalGreenRoom.com, where she produced and presented webisodes covering the interplay between law and trending stories, presenting thought-provoking questions and delivering the law in simplified language for the non-legal audience. Webisodes ranged from legal tips on taking and sharing selfies, to tips on signing an employment contract, to interviews with celebrity guests, to estate planning for young families.
Mona Parsa F12
Lively and engaging, Mona is sought after time and again to host and emcee a variety of live events as a result of her ability to connect with and engage her audience, her natural delivery and her apt timing. She’s studied with the queen of hosting, Marki Costello (E!’s Drama Queen), and is emcee of Soul Food, a monthly event founded in Southern California in 2010 featuring a musical guest line-up of award-winning and Grammy-nominated singers and songwriters. Mona has also been seen throughout the region emceeing various events sponsored by the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen.

As a speaker, Mona’s delivery sparks her audience to be as interested and passionate about the subject as she is, all the while maintaining professionalism and authority. For her legal presentations, Mona has been applauded for her ability to relate to listeners, and for her success in transforming difficult, complex legal issues into intelligible concepts for a non-legal audience. She can be seen presenting weekly seminars throughout the state, covering the importance of estate planning and financial planning for those just beginning to accumulate assets to those long retired. She has also presented on topics relating to world governance, has conducted high school classes as a Street Law teacher for at-risk and learning-disabled youth on civil rights and responsibilities, and established the Teen Dating Violence educational program for the Superior Court of Orange for presentation in local schools. She is also on the S.A.R.A.H. Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope – Speakers Bureau, the nation’s United Nations Association Speakers Bureau, and is named in the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations’ Global Expert Finder list. Mona’s non-legal work includes motivational speeches for youth, as well as for patients, survivors, and loved ones of those touched by cancer.

Previously, Mona was Co-Executive and Chase Producer of The Deborah Interviews Show, the first and only daytime live talk show on The Strip. Held at the Saxe Theater in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Deborah Interviews Show provided a platform for newsmakers and household names for their current endeavors while engaging in lively and in-depth discussion. Mona’s on-camera reporting can be seen in the movie 40 Point Plan, where she reports on the adoption of a new business model based on the use of love.

Behind the scenes, Mona’s studies have included reporter training with Hal Eisner, one of the most recognizable faces in news in Southern California, and studies under William Lobdell, former religion writer and metro editor for the Los Angeles Times. She was a member of the Entertainment and Sports Law Society at Whittier Law School and interned in Miramax Films’ Production and Development Department and Business & Legal Affairs Department. Her knack for public speaking has led to numerous awards, including garnering the Finalist spot in the annual Susan E. McGuigan Oral Advocacy Competition, rising above 350 competitors, and receiving the CALI Excellence for the Future Award for her legal advocacy, research, and writing.

Mona is also available to coach those seeking to hone their delivery skills, whether for a speech, presentation, high-stakes meeting, interview, or in-person or webshow/podcast hosting, from beginning speakers to experienced C-suite executives.

For hosting, speaking or coaching inquiries, or inquiries on the following or other speech topics, please contact Mona directly at mona@monaparsa.com:


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